Council of Editors of Learned Journals

How to Renew Your CELJ Membership

CELJ memberships must be renewed annually according to the date your membership expires. You will receive several automatic reminder emails. If your membership has expired or is about to expire, find the membership payment option below that applies to you and follow the instructions to renew.

Renewing Your Individual Membership

If you or your journal pay for your membership by credit card or check, please follow these steps to process and pay for your renewal.
  1.  Login to view your CELJ member profile. (If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it here.)
  2. On your profile page click Renew to [date].
  3. You can update your name and email address if necessary before clicking Update and next.
  4. On this final screen, review your membership information and click Confirm to initiate the renew process.
  5. Your profile page will now prompt you that it is “Waiting for Payment” and will have an invoice number on it (see Fig. 1 below). Make a note of this invoice number for the next step.
  6. Next, you will receive an email invoice, with the invoice number in the subject line. (This may take a few minutes. If you don’t want to wait; use the invoice number you wrote down in Step 5.)
  7. To pay pay by credit card: Go to our Commerce site (also linked from your email invoice). Payment is accepted through major credit and debit cards. Checks are not accepted. Please pay online at the Commerce link above. 
  8. Once you have completed payment, CELJ staff will make your membership active on the website. This process may take up to a week, as it is a manual process.

Renewing Multi-Journal Memberships

If you are an editor whose journal membership is paid for by a press, please contact the press to ensure they have you listed on their renewal invoice. That's it. :)

If you are an administrator renewing for a group of editors but NOT affiliated with a university or academic press, please contact us at to make sure we can provide you the most efficient renewal service.

    If you are a press staff member who needs a paper invoice for multiple journals, please contact us at with a list of the journals for which you will be paying and include the editor names and email addresses for each journal. We can send you a sample spreadsheet that contains all the info we need, particularly if you're adding new editors and removing others on an annual basis.

    screen shot of CELJ membership invoice

    Figure 1. Sample member profile page showing “Waiting for payment”
    and invoice #00229 (your invoice # will be different). 

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